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Soft focus portrait of a loving African American couple sitting near the swimming pool and

Love's Oasis

In our little room, where the world peels away,

it's just you and me at the end of the day.

Our bed, our sanctuary from the crazy,

where stress disappears, and the vibe is lazy.

Under our soft sheets, secrets are told,

in our whispers, our true selves unfold.

Your laugh is my favorite song, no necessary playlist,

our pillow talk enveloped in pure bliss.

This nook, our world, where troubles can't breach,

where hands hold love, and our eyes teach

what it means to be us, in this secluded place

finding comfort and peace in your embrace.

This room is our pause button, in life's fast lane,

where joy prevails, washing away the pain.

Our oasis, where our hearts are free,

where we just are, and love can just be.

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