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Soft focus portrait of a loving African American couple sitting near the swimming pool and

Love Is... A Decision.

Love is a daily choice to prioritize someone else's happiness alongside your own. Love isn't just an emotion. It's an ongoing, active decision. Love involves conscious effort and consideration for another person's well-being as well as your own.

Each day presents opportunities to choose acts of kindness, understanding, and compromise that enhance the relationship. This doesn't mean neglecting your own needs but rather finding a balance where both partners feel supported and valued. It's about making decisions that consider the impact on both you and your partner, creating a harmonious and fulfilling partnership.

This might look like choosing to listen attentively even when you're tired, or supporting your partner's dreams even if they require some personal sacrifice, like adjusting your schedule or taking on extra duties at home. It could also mean finding activities that both partners enjoy or occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone to engage in something meaningful to your partner.

Ultimately, understanding that love is a decision leads to a radical acceptance that a successful, lasting relationship requires effort and mutual support, ensuring both you and your partner thrive together.

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