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Soft focus portrait of a loving African American couple sitting near the swimming pool and

Desire is...Our Language

It's in the smell of the morning coffee you brew for me,

sweetened just how I like,

It's in the smell of your cologne when we're close,

It's in rising with the sun together and letting me play the big spoon

It's in the way you give me your hoodie,

the one you wore last night, scented with yesterday

It's in our shared whispers,

our shared space between your arms

It's in how you squeeze my hand in the deli aisle,

a fleeting touch amid life's mundane moments,

It's in how your eyes smile at me,

saying I'm still your favorite adventure

It's in the texts that buzz through my busy workdays,

"I miss you," against the backdrop of dull research papers,

these little pings of affection tie our energies together,

in quiet anticipation of seeing you

It's in our inside jokes that erupt in uncontrollable laughter,

echoing through rooms where we know damn well laughing is inappropriate,

It's in how your eyes light up, your body leaning in,

a language crafted in smiles and shared secrets

It's in the way you listen, truly listen,

to my rambling "can you believe" rants over dinner,

It's in how you hold your gaze, nodding along with me,

each nod feels like a caress, each smile feels like a kiss

It's in our nightly ritual of tucking the world away,

keys and wallets on the counter, shedding the weight of the day,

focusing instead to trace my contours with your fingertips,

mapping our path back to us

It's in the way you say my name,

a tone reserved just for me,

a simple sound that envelops my body,

and pulls me home back to you every time

These are the words of our desire,

small acts with deeply passionate meanings,

It's our everyday language of desire,

spoken in the silence of the beautifully ordinary.

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